Training & Experience

This is a description of the role of training experience in coaching

My training experience is wide and varied and – okay – I know that to many of you a list of the various training courses I’ve undertaken isn’t so important, it’s what’s done with it that matters. To others it will be crucial in your decision to work with me.

So – you can either read through this list or skip it – as you see fit.

My view on this is that the variety of training I’ve undertaken during the years has given me a ‘tool box’ to work with.

Think about a carpenter who goes out to do a job, taking with him a tool box containing all the tools he may need to use. If he only has a saw and a drill with him and finds he needs a hammer, a plane, or a saw with smaller teeth, the job won’t get done effectively.

This carpenter may also have learned quite a bit about plumbing over the years, so if when he’s working on the bathroom cupboards he encounters a problem with the plumbing, he can turn his hand to this too.

I too have a ‘toolbox’ – or perhaps ‘skills box’ is a more appropriate word – from which I can take the most appropriate ‘tool’ for the job in hand. If I had only two methods and these, for some reason, were either not suitable for you or your situation, I’d be failing you.

So, while for the most part I use a particular technique (NLP & Coaching) I sometimes like to supplement with something else, drawn from my wide training experience.

You don’t necessarily need to know what those tools are, you may just need to feel that what I’m doing is helpful and effective. However, if you are interested – here’s a link to the information re training I’ve attended.

“The wisest mind has something to yet to learn”
George Santayana – Spanish born Philosopher

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