How Coaching Works

How Does the Coaching Work?

My job as a coach is to help you to clarify the issues, to work with you to discover what you want from your life then help you get it.


Generally speaking a coaching session will last between 40 – 50 minutes and is usually weekly, three times each month. All sessions are completely confidential. (Coaching is guided by ethics and principals overseen by a Governing Body. I am a member of this Association)

The first session will probably take longer than subsequent ones because at this one we will establish together, what it is you want to achieve. You may come with a very definite goal (to get a new job representing promotion, or improve your relationships for example) or you may not really know what you want to do, you’re just aware that you want things to be different.

Coaching Issues:

You don’t need to worry either way as my job as a coach is to help you to clarify the issues and to work with you to discover what you want from your life.

Some people will begin by wanting to focus just on one issue, but coaching recognizes that your life isn’t lived in neat, separate packages, since one area can have a huge impact on another.

Take the example of someone wanting to set up their own business. If their significant relationship (wife/husband/partner) is poor, do you think this won’t affect their ability to maintain the necessary focus to embark on this new venture? It may be, therefore, that this needs to be addressed before you embark on your new business venture.

While I, as your coach will certainly not compel you to work on an issue if you’re not prepared to do so, I will point out, if necessary, the difficulties this may present in ultimately achieving your main goal. Ideally you’ll want to work on whatever is necessary to put your life in order and to achieve goals, whether that means addressing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual (connection to something larger than yourself), health, environment, relationships, work/career or financial issues.

Once your goals are established, I will help you to identify what your concerns are, where your priorities are, how we will work together and what you’ll need to do in order to achieve them.

The relationship:

The coaching/client relationship needs to be built on trust. This is more likely to be achieved if you choose your coach carefully.

Read my website to see what I say and how I say it. What does it tell you about me? Does it match your own feelings about the kind of person you want to work with? Do I have the kind of ideals, priorities, experience and personality that you’re looking for? Remember, this is going to be a partnership and you as one side of that relationship, need to play your part in choosing someone you believe you can work closely with.


While we will ‘meet’ (although not always in person) on a regular basis, it’s possible that between our sessions you’ll have some tasks to do. Progress may not be made if you do nothing to advance your goals during the interim, even if it’s only thinking or a small practical task.

That’s something we will need to negotiate and agree before you leave each session, based on how you learn best.  For example, some people are more motivated when they’re made accountable, others don’t like the pressure and work best if left to work it out for themselves.


Well, that’s really up to you. If you start by wanting to address your relationship but an issue with work organisation arises and dominates your thinking, you can choose to bring that to your next session. As stated earlier, I fully appreciate that while you have your main goal, other parts of your life will affect your ability to focus and may need to be dealt with first.

That’s why you’ll always be in the ‘driving seat’. I won’t insist, when we’ve agreed your objectives, that you pursue this – no matter what! That said, I will undoubtedly be interested to know how you got on with your tasks between sessions, what you achieved, what you found difficult etc. This will help me to better understand you and how to adjust the way we do things to better suit the way you learn and operate.


My role is to listen very carefully to what you have to say and, equally important, to what you don’t say! I will ask you many questions that will focus your thoughts on relevant issues, often identifying things you hadn’t previously considered. This ensures that we both have a very clear picture of your needs, wants and desires and the issues involved for you, and it will help me get to know a little more about you.

You will, no doubt, have ideas you want to bounce off me

I should then be able to help you to think about some positive action you can take, adding my own feed-back, insights, thoughts and suggestions for your consideration.

I will additionally provide a structure to our sessions, as well as objectivity, energy, and practical ideas and resources.

We will create a partnership dedicated to resolving the issues you bring and helping you to achieve the life you want. I will always offer you support and encouragement, and I will always believe in your ability to achieve your objectives.

At the same time I may need to challenge you, motivate and cajole you at times since I want, above all, for you to move forward, to embrace the change you want, to get in touch with what matters most to you and to improve your life as a result.

If you’re prepared and ready for all that, why not contact me for a free chat ……

 “Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.”
Mary Kay Ash – One of the greatest female entrepreneurs in American History

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