Coaching Services

Through my coaching services I can help most people get more of what they want and less of what they don’t want; I believe there’s always something you can do to improve your situation.

My coaching services consist of one-to-one sessions on a regular basis in which I will be dedicated to helping you to identify and to achieve what you want from your life. This is what you can expect.

I offer both Face to Face and Telephone based Coaching.

If you’re new to coaching:

It’s recommended you plan at least 90 days worth of sessions with typically three sessions a month. This will give you every advantage possible in making the lasting changes you want.

It may take a little time to get used to and to develop the coaching relationship. Although you will, undoubtedly, receive benefits from day one, as you gain confidence and as you begin to understand the nature and power of coaching, you will find these benefits will increasingly develop too.

If you’re familiar with coaching:

Assuming you have a very tightly focused and specific need, then less than 90 days worth of sessions could well be appropriate for you. This may be particularly helpful if a specific issue arises that perhaps you need a one-off session to talk through, or if you want to make some changes within an existing situation.


It’s normal for clients who’ve gone through an extended period of coaching involving a lot of changes, to then embark on a maintenance programme of perhaps one session a month. This provides the on-going support often required while these changes are more firmly embedded into your sub-conscious.

You need to be prepared:

To make changes

To work on the issues between sessions

To find some parts challenging

To have some fun

It’s YOUR life so you need to make the commitment!

Through my coaching services I believe I can help most people to get more of what they want from life and less of what they don’t want, because there’s always something you can do to improve your situation.

But don’t just take my word for it – take a look what just some of the people are saying about my coaching:

“I have found the regular telephone support invaluable. I now understand more fully the things I was doing to add to my own stress levels, and the things I want to keep doing to keep myself healthy. Every session was insightful and I always came away feeling ‘listened to’ and with small action steps for me to take.”

Linda. Teacher, Sheffield


“The quality of my life has now greatly improved. The sessions, I had were consummately professional and at the same time personal too. I have regained the motivation and confidence to embrace experience, rather than shy away from it. I don’t know where else I could have accessed such valuable support from someone with so much knowledge with respect to how my mind and body works.”

J.D. University lecturer, Sheffield


“To start with I was completely cynical about any type of ‘telephone’ help for stress, but was so desperate I felt I would try anything. My sessions made me face up to the fact that stress had become part of my identity and I was going to have to learn new ways to be, before I exploded for good! I’ve now made many small changes already that have made me nicer to be with. In fact, my Partner no longer wants to swap me for a Rottweiler and my children have stopped looking frightened when I get back from work.”

S.C. Business owner, Birkhamstead.


“Until I worked with John I didn’t realise how much I’d forgotten. Now I realise how much I know and I’m using that knowledge to improve my personal and the business performance”



“I have improved my ability to deal with stressful and challenging situations.  I feel that I have improved significantly in my ability to communicate effectively in stressful situations and I am gaining the ability to look at problems from a logical distance and respond appropriately.”

Accounts Manager


Throughout the process I’ll both support and encourage you on an inward adventure of self-discovery where you’ll learn more about your potential, learn to face fears and focus on solutions instead, achieve a more satisfying balance in your life and become the person you were meant to be.

YOU will be the person deciding these things:

  • YOU will decide what you want to HAVE
  • YOU will decide what you want to BE
  • YOU will decide what you want to DO

WE will work together to so YOU can achieve these things

Like many other people you may have tried other methods unsuccessfully before you stumbled upon or someone recommended, coaching services.

You may have tried the self-help books, the self-improvement tapes and videos and perhaps also been to the motivational seminars. Some of these may have worked for a time, but without the help, support and encouragement you get with coaching, you can soon find yourself exactly back where you started!

And then you have a choice:

Resign yourself to the fact that your life isn’t going to change,


Decide that you do want more from your life than it’s currently delivering.

You can start your journey by contacting me to have a free discussion to see if my coaching services are right for you.

Email me at:  Contact Form

Telephone me on: 0114 321 6359


Typical fees: £75 – £250 a /Month.

Face to Face Coaching

Telephone Based Coaching


“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

Dalai Lama


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