Telephone Coaching

My coaching sessions are tailored to your needs so both face-to-face and telephone coaching is available.

Telephone coaching provides the opportunity to work with me irrespective of your geographical location. Even if you live close enough to my office to visit, you may still find it preferable to be coached by telephone. The advantage is that you can choose to be in your own, familiar surroundings where you may feel more comfortable.

Alternatively, you may want to telephone from your place of work which may suit your professional needs. Either way we will have pre – appointed times for you to call me.

Coaching by telephone is an effective method which means you don’t need to travel so you save time and energy. You also have the benefit of relative anonymity which you may find helps you to talk more easily about your challenges and the source of your dissatisfaction with life, and the dreams and aspirations you have.  It may also enable you to be more honest,

By Email:

I’m also available between sessions by email in case any urgent issues or questions should arise.

Booking and Fees:

The fee is:

£250 for three sessions per month

Payment should be made via Paypal. (If you’re not already registered it’s a simple and easy process. Just go to )


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